Want to support a local farmer directly? Greenhearts Family Farm is San Francisco’s best CSA – a farmer-owned and operated service delivering the finest variety of fresh, seasonal, local and organic produce, artisan bread and pasture raised eggs and meats to Bay Area families.

We’re actual family farmers living right here in San Francisco. And that’s important, because buying a San Francisco CSA box is about supporting local farmers, not distant corporate farms, the middleman or supermarkets.

Greenhearts Family Farm is San Francisco’s only local farm offering traditional CSA boxes. Visit our nearby fields, meet us personally and get to the know the real value of food from the farmers themselves!

Why Buy a CSA San Francisco Veggie Box?

We know that getting to a farmer’s market can be difficult. That’s why we bring the best of the farmer’s market right to your door.

Each and every week, we grow, pick, pack and deliver the Bay Area's best fruits and vegetables. Profits go right back into building our farm and supporting local Bay Area farmers.

And the food will delight you! We promise that a CSA San Francisco Veggie Box will be the best local, seasonal CSA experience you’ve ever had or your money back.

Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Do You Know Your Farmer?

CSA San Francisco is the Bay Area’s most trusted source for local organics. Why? Because we're farmers and we grew up here!

It takes personal experience and a career in the field to judge the farmers with the best labor practices, the farmers going beyond organic with sustainable agriculture and energy practices, the farmers who treat their animals in an eco-positive and humane way.

We dedicate our lives to providing our San Francisco Bay Area CSA the best organics possible. Isn't it time you learned who's growing your food?

We’re your family's personal farmers.

No Subscription or Contract Required!

We welcome you to try out the Bay Area's best CSA box. There’s no commitment required and we offer a money back guarantee. Sign up and you’ll receive a hand picked, personally packed CSA box fresh from the field. If it’s not the right CSA box for you, we understand. But, if you’re like the rest of our Bay Area wide community, you’ll want a box delivered every week!